Friday, June 8, 2012

E-cycle: Project #156 - 160

E-cycle week

During their drive to Change the World in 5 Minutes a Day grade 4 students put out a call to the entire school population to bring in old electronics that could be diverted from the city's landfill and recycled instead.  In the actual photo of the Airdrie landfill taken the week of the challenge, can you spot items that could have been re-used or recycled?  Maybe Airdrie residents will visit our blog, see how easy it is to be responsible, and make a change.

The Airdrie Landfill - where our electronics were headed:

Where they ended up instead thanks to Grade 4 students:

21st Century Competency:

We are civically engaged.  

Grade(s) Involved:     Grade 4 (5 classes)
Date Submitted:         September 2012
Leaders Involved:      4M&D, 4L, 4Mac, 4H

Student Description of the Environmental Action Project and Why This is an Environmental Project:



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