Friday, June 8, 2012

Star Logs: #154

Reading Star Logs

Each year the Learning Commons at Edwards hosts a Readers are Leaders reading week.  Students log the books they have read and we track our minutes read as an entire school.  The event is in it's third year and it runs pretty smoothly.

This year we shifted our thinking a bit.  This is another one of those small shift changes.  With that shift comes small subtle ways of changing how we do things to be more environmentally aware.  Below there are 2 photographs.  The first is of the original reading star log posted to the school website (this link will take you to that posting) for students to download, fill out and return to school.

The second photo is the revised version of that star log (our students read A LOT of books!).  What do you notice about the 2 different logs?

The best part about our small shift projects is that they often happened after the fact.  Someone had a look at how an event was rolling out and said hey, we can do better.  Let's make  small shift change.

21st Century Competency:

We are communicators.  In this case the Readers are Leaders Week had already begun, the star logs were already posted to the school website, and some students had already submitted completed stars to their teachers.  Did that stop Madame B.?  No way!  She heard the suggestion, posted a link to the environmentally friendly star logs, and carried on.  

Grade(s) Involved:     All
Date Submitted:         April 2012
Leaders Involved:      Madame B., Madame W.

Autographs of Student Participants

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Student Written Description of the Environmental Action Project:

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Describe Why This is an Environmental Project:

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