Thursday, June 7, 2012

Digital Projects: #143

This virtual collection

Last year our GREEN Projects were well catalogued in an organized binder like this:

It included pages, and pages (lots of paper pages) of our projects, signatures, and photos.  It wasn't the physical binder that was the problem.  It wasn't even the issue of paper conservation, I mean come on, it's ok to put stuff on paper.  The real problem was that our students' environmental stewardship didn't have an authentic audience.  The binder was on a shelf.  This fabulous work cannot sit on a shelf!  It should be shouted out to Airdrie, to Alberta, to other schools wondering how they can make a difference.

And now, here on this blog, in the universe of the internet, our students' work will have the audience it deserves.  We hope for comments, feedback, support, encouragement.  We hope to inspire other schools to LEARN from our projects, to SUCCEED at implementing their own, and to LEAD others to environmental awareness and action.

21st Century Competency:

We are

Grade(s) Involved:     Grade 2 English and French
Date Submitted:         June 2012
Leaders Involved:      2F, 2J, 2L, 2K, 2L, 2S, 

Autographs of Student Participants

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Student Written Description of the Environmental Action Project:

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Describe Why This is an Environmental Project:

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