Friday, June 1, 2012

Dream Fish: #34 - 39

The Stream of Dreams Mural Project

The Stream of Dreams Murals Society provides environmental education and is noted for its award-winning watershed education through community art program: helping people understand their connections to water and fish habitat and how to make behavioral changes to protect streams, rivers, lakes and our one ocean.
Stream of Dreams murals are calls to action to take care of water!
Using the money they raised through their juice box recycling program the grade 4 students at École Edwards Elementary school were able to raise all of the funds necessary to have the Stream of Dreams presenters come to the school and make a mural that now adorns the front chain link fence of the school.

21st Century Competency:

We are civically engaged.  Not only did students learn about local water sheds, the public art installation they created is a message to our entire community and anyone who walks past the school.  The learning that students did in the classroom literally spilled onto the streets outside the school!

Grade(s) Involved:     Grade 4  (5 classes) 
Date Submitted:          February, 2012
Leaders Involved:      4 M&M, 4L, 4H, 4Mac

Student Written Description of the Environmental Action Project:

It was about saving all of the fish. I learned that a group of people walking along the side of a river in B.C. found all of these dead fish and dead animals along the river. There was an old building beside it, and they asked if they could put a sign up on the fence to tell people not to pollute the water. So in that city they asked people to cut out fish from wood and paint them to design their very own dream fish. In the end it started to be something lots of schools in Alberta wanted to do.

Describe Why This is an Environmental Project:

It is a green project because you don’t want to poison all of these fish and animals. They are our food source and they are a beautiful part of nature.
by:  Austin C., grade 4, Mrs. H.


  1. “We painted fish and placed them on our school fence to remind people they could be more protective of the rain drains. We painted many big and small fish in many different colors and different shapes.”
    – Grade 4FI Student

  2. We are doing a project similar to this at our school. I'm interested in materials used and methods to keep from weathering. Can you provide me a why to contact you? Thanks, Bret

    1. You will have to contact the Stream of Dreams website for that information (the link is the highlighted words in the post). Their presentation and facilitation of this project was great!