Thursday, June 7, 2012

Plastic Covers: #92 - 126

Re-usable plastic covers

At a considerable initial investment the school has purchased a class set of these reusable dry erase pockets for every single class in the school.  With almost 800 children in the building that's al ot of vinyl pockets!

Not only does this represent a considerable saving in photocopying and laminating it represents a significant shift in the way teachers and students approach teaching and learning at Edwards.  This type of decision is evidence that not only are Edwards students and teachers aware of the waste they produce over the course of the year, they are also reevaluating the value of worksheets in general.  They are looking fro better more authentic ways to learn!

These were purchased in May, we look froward to seeing how they are implemented across every grade in the fall.

21st Century Competency:

We are 

Grade(s) Involved:     All (34 classes)
Date Submitted:         May 2012
Leaders Involved:      Leaders of Administration (Lead Learners)

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