Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pull Tabs: #127 - 135

Pull tabs for Ronald MacDonald House

This was a brand new initiative this year brought to the school's attention by our yongest leaders, the Kindergarten students.  Together Kindergarten presented the project at a leadership assembly and got support for their collection drive.

Did you know?

1 pop tab is approximately 1 inch long
1,267 pop tabs make 1 pound
1 million pull tabs makes 800 pounds
63,360 pull tabs is about 1 mile
The current trading price for aluminum on the

These are only some of the pull tabs that have been collected, ready for pick up in the front lobby of the school.

Pull Together Price List

The statistics below show how collecting pull tabs can directly help sick children and their families staying at the House. Start collecting now and help us provide a home away from home for sick children and their families...

5lbs = Could help make two dozen cookies for families at the House
10lbs = Could purchase laundry soap for three days worth of laundry at the House
25lbs = Could provide a movie night and popcorn for families at the House
50lbs = Could provide a warm meal for a family who just arrived at the House
100lbs  = Could pay for a monthly Birthday Celebration for children staying at the House
250lbs = Could buy arts and crafts supplies for the Family Recreation Program

21st Century Competency:

We are civically engaged.  We are financially and economically literate.  Kindergarten students not only recycled the pull tabs, which is caring for our planet and maximizing our resources, they also chose a project that had positive ramifications for their surrounding community and children in need.  Financial literacy at a young age is simply being aware of the cost of goods and services and learning to be responsible users of those goods.  The students got to see their work collecting tabs traded for cash used to buy supplies needed by Ronald MacDonald House.

Grade(s) Involved:     Kindergarten (8 classes)
Date Submitted:         October 2011
Leaders Involved:      KM am, KM pm, KB am, KB pm, KJ am, KJ pm, KP am, KT pm,

Autographs of Student Participants

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Student Written Description of the Environmental Action Project:

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