Friday, June 1, 2012

Bucket Notes: #27

Bucket Filling Notes are wasting paper

Edwards students think win-win by filling the literal buckets of their friends to remind us all to be constantly filling the metaphorical buckets of one another's self esteem.  The concept was great but there were some glitches along the way.  We were photocopying and cutting out drops.  It not only wasted paper and copies it took a ton of people time and labour.  So, we switched to re-using scrap paper.  A small shift in thinking that makes a big difference.  See below for even more small shift inspiration.

21st Century Competency:

We are innovators.  Teachers introduced a "bucket filling" culture.  Every class, 784 students, were encouraged to write uplifting notes to one another.  Teachers photocopied and cut out drops for our buckets, hundreds of drops to write the notes on.  Students suggested we use scrap paper instead, pieces from the recycling bin that had already been used on one side - those students were thinking green!  The entire school switched to using scrap paper.

Grade(s) Involved:      initiated by Grade 3 (Mrs. Lahey? was it?)
Date Submitted:          September 17th, 2011
Leaders Involved:       Mrs. Lahey and her students (?)

Student Written Description of the Environmental Action Project:

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Describe Why This is an Environmental Project:

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For more small shift making a big impact watch Joe Smith's TED talk on how to use 1 napkin to dry your hands:

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